Book a CCW Class

WESHOOT in alliance with Praetorian Agency, Scotshot, Compass Training, Joe Hayes, and other training partners, has developed a series of training courses for the NJ CCW Permit. Please read carefully and select the one that better suits your needs.

Please be aware that other than NRS Basic Pistol, the rest of the CCW classes we offer are NOT for beginners or low-skilled shooters. We highly recommend that you first get acquainted with your firearm by taking a private class or an NRA BASIC PISTOL or USCCA Class. Conceal Carry requires highly developed skills and trigger discipline. Many accidents happen during the holster draw and re-holstering process. We recommend booking a CW Class once you are comfortable with your handgun and able to shoot at 15 yards efficiently.


This NRA class fulfills all current training requirements for all 50-States. It includes a US OF FORCE certificate, and a 50 rounds shooting qualification from 3yd to 15yds.

USCCA NJ CCW Certification With HQC-2 Qual

This class addresses all the training requirements for the NJ CCW permit, from Firearms Familiarity & Gun Safety, Shooting Stances, Common Malfunctions, Use of Force, Holster drills, and the live-fire qualification.


This class is for people that only need to obtain the live-fire [HQC2] certificate for the NJ CCW Permit. Applicant must bring at least 100 rounds of branded factory ammo (per handgun), the handgun(s), and holster.  Qualification is with an FBI Q Target, at various distances and shooting stances. Maximum distance is 25 yards. Passing score = 80%


This introductory course on firearms is a great way to start. If you are interested in guns and unsure where to start, this is the perfect course for you. This class satisfies all requirements for obtaining a Non-Resident’s Concealed Carry Permit from Florida and other states.