Book a CCW Class

WESHOOT in alliance with Praetorian Agency, Scotshot, Compass Training, Joe Hayes, Centermass Training, and many other training partners, has developed a series of training courses for the NJ CCW Permit. Please read carefully and select the one that better suits your needs.

Please be aware that CCW class is NOT a beginners class. We highly recommend that you first get acquainted with your firearm by taking a private class or an NRA BASIC PISTOL or USCCA Class. Conceal Carry requires highly developed skills and trigger discipline. Many accidents happen during the holster draw and re-holstering process. We recommend that if you are new to firearms, start with a private lesson, and once you are comfortable with your handgun and able to efficiently shoot at 15 yards, then you should book a CCW class.

USCCA NJ CCW Certification With HQC-2 Qual

This class addresses all the training requirements for the NJ CCW permit, from Firearms Familiarity & Gun Safety, Shooting Stances, Common Malfunctions, Use of Force, Holster drills, and the live-fire qualification.

Live-Fire Qualification ONLY

This class is for people that only need to obtain the live-fire [HQC2] certificate for the NJ CCW Permit. Applicant must bring at least 100 rounds of branded factory ammo (per handgun), the handgun(s), and holster.  Qualification is with an FBI Q Target, at various distances and shooting stances. Maximum distance is 25 yards. Passing score = 80%