How to Obtain My NJ CCW

The NJ CCW Permit has some pre-requisites. Here is a simplified guide of the preliminary things you’ll need before you apply:

  1. REQUIRED: NJ FID Card (New Jersey Firearms ID card) Don’t have one yet? Click here!
  2. REQUIRED: Handgun. Don’t own a handgun?  Click here to get a pistol purchase permit?
  3. REQUIRED: Own a personal handgun. Not sure what gun to purchase? We have over 150 firearms available for rent, or you can join us our FREE ‘How To Shop for a Gun Class’. Click here!
  4. REQUIRED: Proper Holster. Browse our Webstore for the best holsters! Click here!
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If you’ve been considering obtaining a CCW, now is the perfect time to take action. We understand that the application process may seem overwhelming, but fear not, for we are here to guide you through it step by step. Below, we have outlined everything you need to know to submit your Initial CCW application:

  • SBI Number: Don’t forget to have your SBI number ready! This number can be found on your FID card and typically consists of 5 or 6 numbers followed by a letter.
  • ORI Number – For New Jersey Residents, enter the ORI Number of the police department where you reside.
  • Recent Photograph: Please ensure you have a recent photograph of yourself on a light background, clearly displaying your head and shoulders.
  • Training Record: To qualify for the CCW, you need at least one training record completed within the past two years. Include the instructor’s name and qualification date for verification.
  • Personal Information: Provide your Social Security Number and Driver’s License Number as part of the application process.
  • Background Information: Fill out the necessary background information as required.
  • Non-Family References: Prepare contact information for four non-family-related references who can vouch for your character.
  • Handgun Details: Include information on the handguns you intend to carry under the permit.
  • Application Fee: The application requires a $200 fee for processing.
  • For Armored Car Applicants: Uploaded Employment Letter

To begin your application journey, simply visit the New Jersey State Police website: Click here!

For added convenience, we have also compiled the ORI numbers you’ll need for the application. You can search for your ORI Number on our website, under the SERVICE Tab, click on ORI NUMBERS, or just Click here!

We understand that new systems may come with a few hiccups, but we encourage you to stay patient and persistent. The State Police is working diligently to ensure a smooth application process for all. Exercise your rights responsibly and confidently with a CCW permit.

If you have any questions or require assistance during the application process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to assisting you in obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit.

Stay safe and exercise your rights responsibly!


The renewal process is similar to your initial application but with fewer requirements.

Renewal requirements are as follows:

  • SBI Number, Last Name and Date of Birth for validation
  • One (1) training record completed within the past two (2) years, instructor name, and qualification date
  • Any updates to Personal Information
  • Upload of recent photograph (on a light background including head and shoulders)
  • Background Information
  • Any updates to Handgun Information
  • $200 Application Fee

To begin your application journey, simply visit the New Jersey State Police website: Click here!

For added convenience, we have also compiled the ORI numbers you’ll need for the application. You can search for your ORI Number on our website, under the SERVICE Tab, click on ORI NUMBERS, or just Click here!


If you do NOT reside in a NJ State Police Jurisdiction, DO NOT enter a NJSP ORI unless you are an Out of State Resident, NJ Office of the Attorney General (DAG, AAG), prosecutor or judge, Mayor or elected member of the municipal governing body, or armored car employee applicant.

  • Dual Residents WITH PROOF of dual residency MUST apply to the police department ORI where you reside in NJ.
  • Out of State residents who are NOT dual residents, MUST apply to a NJSP ORI. Applicants must apply to the closest NJSP Station by geographic location/mileage. Please contact the NJSP Station that is the closest prior to submission of your application.
  • NJ Office of the Attorney General (DAG, AAG), prosecutors, judges and armored car employee applicants MUST apply to a NJSP ORI.
  • If you apply to the incorrect ORI, your application will be WITHDRAWN. Fees are non-refundable.


The following classes will fulfill and exceed the Training Requirements set up by the State Police. Please know that Carry Classes are for experienced shooters that are comfortable shooting their firearms, and are decent shooters up to 15 yards.

All of our Carry Certifications include Firearms Safety, Function, and Proper Use and Storage, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, New Jersey Legal Use of Force Standards, Holster Draw Familiarization,  Common Malfunctions, Best Practices for Dealing with the Aftermath of an Incident, HQC2-Modified shooting qualification, and Gun-Free zones and Sensitive Places Restrictions.


This is our flagship class, it’s a 6 hrs of classroom plus range shooting qualification, and it grants 3 Certificates: USCCA Course Completion Certificate, NJ USE OF FORCE Certificate, and the Shooting Qualification and Firearms Proficiency Certification.

This class is in alliance with Compass Defense, Praetorian Agency, and Weshoot.

We have 2 formats for this class, the full day, and the two consecutive evenings.

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This class fulfills all 50 state training requirements, and it awards the prestigious NRA Certificate that its recognized by all 50 States. The class includes a special section for New Jersey Use of Force Standards, and it goes thru the HQC2 Live Fire Qualification.

This class is taught by NRA Certified Instructor Joseph Hayes

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If you are looking just for a NEW JERSEY USE OF FORCE certification, you can book this 2hr class by Praetorian Agency, and learn all about the laws and standards for Use of Force in the State of New Jersey.

Note: This class only fulfills the Use of Force requirement, applicants still need the Firearms Safety and HQC2 Shooting Qualification.

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DISCLAIMER: Please take into consideration that the process to obtain a New Jersey Permit to Carry are constantly being updated and changed. This guide is subject to errors and changes, and should not be considered legal advice. For the more recent requirements and guidelines, please visit the NJ State Police Website.