How to Obtain My NJ CCW

The NJ CCW Permit has some pre-requisites. Here is a simplified guide of the preliminary things you’ll need before you apply:

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  • For residents of New Jersey:

    1. Download the Information Checklist here and review it.
    2. Download the PTC Application here (Document is editable).
    3. Download the NJ Mental Health Form here (Document is editable).
    4. Download the NY Mental Health Form here.
    5. Note: If you have lived in New York within the past 10 years, you need to submit both the New York and New Jersey Mental Health forms.

    For out-of-state residents:

    The process for applying for a non-resident PTC is almost identical to that for residents, with two exceptions:

    1. Instead of your local municipality, you will use the NJ State Police.
    2. You need to include proof of ownership of the firearms with your application packet.

    To apply for a non-resident PTC:

    • Download the Information Checklist here.
    • Note: For out-of-state residents, include Proof of Ownership for the gun you wish to carry, even though it is not listed in the instructions.
    • Download the PTC Application here (Document is editable).
    • Download the NY Mental Health Form here.
    • Note: If you are a resident of New York, you will need to submit a NY mental health form.

    Here is a breakdown of the Information Checklist:

    1. Proof of Identification and Citizenship:
      • Photocopy of your Driver’s License AND photocopy of your Birth Certificate; or
      • Photocopy of your Driver’s License AND photocopy of your Passport; or
      • Photocopy of your Driver’s License AND photocopy of your Naturalization Paperwork/Green Card.
    2. Permit to Carry Application:
      • Fill out form SP642 (only 1 copy is needed). The forms must be double-sided and notarized.
      • The Municipal Code is not the ORI Number. Provide the correct information, as an incorrect application will not be accepted.
      • Use the most updated form dated 1/23 in the bottom left-hand corner.
      • Notarize the original application form.
      • Note: As of 12/22/22, four references are required for applications submitted after that date.
    3. Color Photos:
      • Submit 4 pictures measuring 1.5″ x 1.5″ or 2″ x 2″.
    4. Consent for Mental Health Search: Form SP066:
      • Complete the form and have a friend witness your signature.
      • New Jersey residents only need to submit 1 Mental Health Consent Form.
      • It is recommended to have 2 copies filled out in different ways, as department preferences may vary.
      • Most police departments use the officer as the witness.
    5. Written Proof of Qualification with Firearms Instructor:
      • All instructors at Weshoot are Certified, and their Shooting Qualifications are LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) certified and approved by the NJSP (New Jersey State Police). The Qualification Form includes the instructors’ credentials.
    6. Money Orders:
      • Include 2 money orders with your application: one for $50 payable to “New Jersey State Police” and the second for $150 payable to your town Police Department. If applying directly to the State Police, include a single $200 money order payable to “New Jersey State Police”.
      • Money orders must be used; personal checks will not be accepted.
      • Fill out the money orders correctly with your information in the “From” and “Address” sections.
      • In the Memo section, write “NJ Application for PTC”.
      • Note: The fee increased on 12/22/22. All applications submitted after that date are subject to the increased fees totaling $200.

    Once you have gathered all the required items, congratulations! You are now ready to contact your local police department to apply.

    A Note About Fingerprinting:

    Submit your completed application to your local Police Department. The following steps will occur:

    1. The police department will assign you a Case#.
      • The police department may choose not to provide a case number as it is for internal use only and will not be shared with you.
      • Both scenarios are acceptable. Here is what you should do next:
    2. Visit
      • Click on “fingerprinting”. It will ask for a Service Code.
      • Enter the same code for everyone: 2F164B.
    3. Fill out your personal information.
      • If you received a case number, enter it as the optional Case#.
      • If you did not receive a case number, enter your agency’s ORI#.
      • ***Please copy this website for the link that should be attached to this. The link is here.***


Remember to follow the provided instructions and complete the necessary forms accurately. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Firearm Notaries or the relevant authorities.