Range Overview

Welcome to WeShoot, we are New Jersey’s friendliest public indoor range. We have twelve 25-yard lanes for members and visitors to enjoy, over 100 firearms to rent, an amazing selection of firearms for sale, and the largest and most complete curriculum in classes and training. If you are looking for a gun range and store, we are your best shot!


Our commitment to our members, customers, and visitors:  We will provide you with a friendly and respectful environment while maintaining a high standard of safety and service.

As life-long shooters ourselves, we aim to provide you with the same service and shopping experience we would expect for ourselves. 

We take pride in our legendary customer service, friendly environment, and high standards of safety. 

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve ourselves, we are happy to listen to you.


Members only need to bring their Membership Card. All other visitors are required to provide a valid photo identification from any state or country. Some forms of accepted identification cards are valid driver’s license, passport, Military ID, Green Card, or any valid government identification card with a picture.

WeShoot strictly enforces all State and Federal rules and regulations. We also implement and review the industry’s Better Business Practices standards to preserve a safe environment for all participants, visitors, and staff.


Our range is open to members and the general public. We thank our visitors for understanding that when we encounter a high demand for range lanes, our members will get priority.

Our team will work on accommodating visitors in the best possible way to minimize waiting periods.

On our high demand times, the average waiting time for non-members and Groupons is 20 to 30 minutes.



At least one participant  must be 18 years of age or older to rent a rifle and 21 years of age to rent a handgun.


All rental firearms must use ammunition purchased from WeShoot at the time of rental.

All visitors that wish to rent a lane or a firearm must be in groups of two (2) or more. If you bring your own firearm, you are exempt from this rule. To be able to rent a firearm, at least one member of the group must be of legal age*, according to the type of firearm. (*See Range and Rental Restrictions). If you can not legally possess a firearm, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be prohibited from range or firearm rental.



All firearms above 300 Magnum caliber are not permitted at the range. If you have any questions regarding the firearms or ammo you would like to use at our range, please contact us, our team will be happy to assist you.

Handgun & Rifle Ammunition

Incendiary rounds (“Tracers”), Steel Core (“Green Tip”), & Aluminum Cased are not permitted at the range.

Shotgun Shot Shells

Only Slugs and Bucks Shot “0 & Double 00” shells are allowed. Birdshot shells are not permitted, due to the high possibility of ricochets.

Due to constant improvements, new alloys, and features implemented by the firearms and ammo industry, we reserve the right to ban or deny the use of particular types of ammunition that may not be listed here.

All rental firearms must use ammunition purchased from WeShoot at the time of rental.


We welcome and encourage safe and instructional shooting at a young age. Children must be ten years of age and older. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian age 21 or older. They will also be required to watch the safety video and demonstrate that they understand the rules of the range to a Range Safety Officer.

Ages 10-12: Children age 10-12 are permitted to shoot long guns with .22 caliber only.

Ages 13 and Up: Children age 13 and up are allowed to shoot long guns and most pistols under .44 Magnum.

When it comes to young shooters, particularly new ones, it’s highly recommended that they start with a low recoil cartridge like the .22 LR, and work their way up, making sure that they feel comfortable and safe, and that they are physically able to hold a proper grip and control the recoil.

We offer an experienced Team of NRA Certified Instructors that can help parents safely introduce young shooters to this fantastic self-confidence building activity. We recommend that you contact us ahead of time to check for the availability and cost of instructors.