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WESHOOT has simplified the process of buying a gun online so you can easily add that handgun, rifle or shotgun to your new or existing gun collection.


Are you looking for the best gun for personal protection? Or maybe a rifle for a fun day at the range? Or perhaps you are looking for that one of a kind firearm that will make all your friends turn green with envy?

Whatever your reason is, we have the best selection of firearms and accessories at great prices. We carry all brands, like Glock, Sig Sauer, Browning, Ruger, S&W, Remington, Colt, Mossberg, Winchester, Beretta, H&K, Springfield, Savage, Chiappa, FN Herstal, Taurus, Benelli among others.

At WeShoot we take pride in the products that we offer. With a selection of thousands of high-quality products and great prices, we stand by what we sell, so we offer a 30-day return policy on accessories (*see return policy, restriction and fees may apply).


Don’t buy it somewhere else and get stock with high shipping cost and FFL transfers, just contact us and we will do our best to get your product in our store in 48 hrs or less.

This website is a DROP-SHIP service offered by WESHOOT. This means the customer (you) are actually buying the product for a vendor that offers their inventory thru WESHOOT Website at a special discounted price.  WESHOOT is NOT responsible for keeping the inventory or the description of the products accurate and in real-time.

WESHOOT and/or Parabellum Sporting Goods LLC online store does not necessarily reflect the actual in-store or at-hand inventory. If you would like to know if the firearm or product is on stock at our store, please call our store at 732-987-6990 or e-mail us at

All information on the website is subject to changes, errors, incorrect description and/or image of product.

Firearms and Accessories offered at our website are NOT from the “in-stock” or “at-hand” inventory at the store. Customers cannot redeem or request that WESHOOT fulfills any on-line order(s) from inventory at the Brick-and-Mortar Store(s).

NJ Compliant Firearms: Customer is responsible for selecting firearms that are compliant to their local Federal, State and Local Laws and Restrictions. If a firearm or product that you have selected is not NJ compliant and it requires changes or modifications to make it NJ compliant, the Customer (you) will be responsible for any gunsmithing and compliance work fees. If you have questions regarding the legality or compliance, please call our store at 732-987-6990 or e-mail us at before proceeding with the purchase.
Compliance work is NOT included in the price of any product offered at the on-line store or website.
Customer must have a valid Driver’s License, FID card and a valid Gun Purchase Permit (when applicable) before ordering/purchasing any firearm or restricted item. All previous mentioned requirements must be valid at the time of pick up.

Age Restriction: You must be +18 to qualify for a rifle purchase, and +21 for a handgun purchase. All gun purchases require a NICS (Background) check. All Federal, State and Local laws and restrictions will be strictly enforced and applied.

For any questions in regards to the NICS, fees, restrictions, or any firearm related question,  please visit:  or contact your local Police Department or State Police.

All firearms and accessories purchased on the website are subject to the following:

  1. Additional fees and charges for compliance work.
  2. Shipping Fees if Firearm is shipped Out-of-State (New Jersey)
  3. Storage Fees after 30 days of the product being received ($1 dollar a day). After 90 days of storage, Customer is subject to additional and more severe penalties and storage fees.
  4. NICS (background check) and any other  fees.
  5. WESHOOT is not in control and is not responsible for the shipping times of products from Vendors to our Store(s).

WESHOOT reserved the right to refuse service or delivery of any firearms or restricted product to any customer when they believe its reasonable, based solely on their staff or management  criteria.

Any firearms purchase cancellation will be subject to a 25% to 50% restocking fee.

For more information and the full On-Line and Purchase Policies, please visit our USEFUL INFO section at the footer of our website