Shooting is an exciting activity that everyone can enjoy; walk-ins are welcome to use our facilities and experience our incredible collection of over 100 firearms for rent.

Men, women, and children over the age of 12, provided that an adult accompanies them, are welcome to shoot and exercise their Second Amendment right.

Participants are not required to be U.S. Citizens or Legal Residents; we welcome visitors from all over the world!

We do not deny service to anyone on the bases of race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual preference, country of origin, or any form of illegal discrimination.


It’s simple. Please bring a valid photo ID; it can be from any State or Country.

People visiting from out of state or from overseas are encouraged and welcome to join us in experiencing this great American Freedom and the 2nd Amendment.

If you are not a member, or you intend to rent a firearm, please be aware that we request a minimum of 2 participants, so bring a friend with you.


We recommend that you wear comfortable closed shoes, avoid wearing flip flops or high heels.

Consider that hot brass gets ejected from the firearm, and sometimes it might make its way into a shirt or land inside a hoodie. To avoid that, we recommend you wear shirts or T-shirts that do not have large openings and remove hoodies before shooting.

Women should avoid wearing mini skirts or other types of clothing that limits the shooter’s ability to hold a proper and safe shooting stand.

We strongly recommend avoiding the use of apparel that can be considered offensive for other people, like the use of Swastikas, racial slur, or vulgar language. We reserve the right to deny service to people wearing such garments.


Minors over the age of 12 are welcome, provided that an adult or guardian accompanies them. Children must show respect to the RSO(Range Safety Officer) , be able to follow instructions, and behave accordingly and adequately.

Age Restriction for Rentals

Gun Rentals: Must be 21 or older

Long Guns Rentals: Must be 18 or older

Firearm Rental requires a minimum of 2 participants.


There are no maximum participants rules; however, each lane has a maximum capacity of 4 participants. If you have a party of more than four participants, you’ll need to rent extra lanes.

People with any signs of Alcohol intoxication, or stupefacient consumption , will be expelled from the premises. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on this matter.

Federal and State Law prohibits certain people from possessing firearms; those who have prior convictions of violent or gun-related misdemeanors, violent crimes, history of abusing alcohol or drugs, juvenile offenses, Suffer or have suffered from severe mental illness, individuals on the Terror Watch List and Fugitives of the Law, are prohibited from possessing a firearm. Please consult current Federal and Local laws.

Any participant that shows a lack of safety discipline or engages in potentially dangerous behavior or lacks respect for the Range Officials or other visitors, will be expelled from the premises.